Carpo is a reader for RSS/Atom feeds.

Reading Feeds

To read RSS/Atom feeds, select the feed title by clicking on it. This will bring up a list of available items (stories) from the selected feed. You can then click on any one of the available story titles to see the detaisl provided by the feed.

At the top of the story display are two buttons. They allow you to browse the link provided by the feed item, either in the Carpo display (click on Here), or in the system browser (click on Browser).

Adding/Editing Feeds

New Feeds

To add a new feed, click on Maintenance, then on New Feed. This gives you a form with feed information, then:

Edit Existing Feeds

Find the feed you want to edit in the Feed List display. Press-and-Hold on the feed title. The Feed Edit form will appear, and you can change any of the feed data.

Grouping Feeds

You can tag feeds with topics in the Feed Editor, and select groups with the Topics display from Views.

News Stream

Click on Views and then New Stories - On to see a stream-like list of new items as they are discovered. This list is updated a few times per minute for one feed at a time. It is thus not genuine streaming, since RSS servers do not push information to clients.

To bring up a news item, click on the item in the stream, and the display will switch to the index of that feed and the details of the item.

Do de-select the News Stream, either Press-and-Hold on the News Stream items, or click Views and then New Stories - Off.


You can browse RSS items as well as the web sites that RSS links to with Carpo. Keep in mind that this is an RSS reader, not a full feature browser.

You can drag the web page or RSS content, or you can use keys to move it.


Some keys have special meaning:


Check for updates and other information.

License and Warranty

This is free open source software, hence the usual licensing. And the usual warranty, or lack thereof:

Copyright © 2011 Bernd Stramm All Rights Reserved